Ministry Resolutions for a Fresh Start of the New Year

National Association of Christian Ministers

Michael Mooney, Exec. Elder 

Whenever a new year begins, the first thing which comes to mind is “resolutions.” 

Ahh . …Good Old New Year Resolutions.

From there, I usually begin recalling the many resolutions I forgot to keep years before… 
January promises to ourselves have a good way of reminding us of our shortcomings, while offering inspiration to try again by -the amazing grace of God.
The latest statistics by Statistic Brain show that 58% of Americans generally make new year resolutions.  The top 4 categories are:

1) Personal Development;
2) Weight Loss;
3) Finances;
4) Relationships.

Unfortunately, only 9% report feeling that they were successful in achieving their resolutions. 
But there is hope.  

Progress in keeping resolutions:

72 % make it a week
68 % make it 2 weeks
58% make it a month
44 % make it 6 or more months

These statistics are very positive -if our resolutions are achievable in 1-8 weeks.

GOOD NEWS: I have a Challenge for you, and it is for Only 40 Days!  This means that you have more than a 50% chance of success!
Over the last several years I began writing a personal prayer that was focused on knowing God’s daily plans and will for my life.  I figured, knowing his plans, his direction, his grace, his favor are among the most important factors to giving my all, and experiencing the joy of walking in the Spirit. I call this prayer The Minister’s Alpha & Omega Prayer for Guidance. 
Recently I posted the prayer in our fellowship of ministers.  I was humbled by the way there was such a positive response. One minister, Ken Osborn especially took the prayer to heart and began praying it every day.  He began sharing of how God was engaging his heart deeply.  Here is one of his statements:

“For several days, the Holy Spirit has been showing me there is a difference between commit/committed, and submit/submitted. When I commit my life to Him that is one thing, but to submit my will to Him may be an entirely different thing. This piece brought all of that home for me.”

Rodger Niemeier, Exec. Elder, and I were inspired by this which lead to the issuing of a 40 day prayer challenge.
Are you interested in:

Discovering something extraordinary about yourself?

Experiencing confidence instead of fear?

Encountering the Holy Spirit’s wisdom?

Investing in the plans God has for your life?

With such a winning outcome, just imagine the possibilities…   
Join the many other fellow ministers who have taken the challenge to pray the A&O prayer for the next 40 days.  Recapture a clear perspective of God’s “perfect” will for your life.  Cross the threshold of spiritual complacency, and awaken your “first love” through the Spirit within you.  
People who explicitly make resolutions, speak them out loud, and review them every day are 10 times more likely to attain their goals.
You already have what it takes to win!

Commemorative A&O Prayer Booklet  

March 31, 2018

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